Explore Filipino Food


Veggie Pancit

You’ll love our traditional take on Pancit Bihon (rice noodles), balanced with a luscious chicken broth, crunchy vegetables and our delectable, signature Filipino Stir Fry Sauce.


Chicken Lumpia

Chicken Lumpia: So tasty it's hard to believe they're lowfat! Our crispy Chicken Lumpia are a hearty and flavorful Filipino twist on traditional Asian eggroll and springroll recipes.


Chicken Sisig

Sisig is an exampe of a Filipino "pulutan" - hearty, spicy, and sour finger foods for celebrations. Start a party of your own with Kusina's tangy interpretation of Chicken Sisig.

Chicken Adobo

Adobo has a long history as the national dish of the Philippines. The Adobo cooking style shares influences with Morocco, yet our interpretation is uniquely Filipino.

Chicken Empanada

Spanish settlers brought their delectable empanadas to the Philippines, enhancing them with fresh local ingredients. Ideal for the lunchbox or an anytime snack.

Veggie Lumpia

Crunch your way into a crispy, mouthwatering vegetarian delight. Our lower-fat Lumpia are cousins of the eggrolls and spring rolls of Southeast Asia.